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On this episode, we talk to Imran Nuri (@nuristudios on IG), who spent a few months traveling through 48 states asking strangers for life advice before taking their portraits. We’ll also tell you about a traveling photographer who might not have actually existed. And speaking of traveling photographers, Vania is on the road right now (thus the crickets!) as we speak and will tell us all about how her trip is going. There’s also the answering machine, zine reviews and so much more…

But real quick before we start… here’s the link to Eric’s new book:



Imran Nuri – 48 States Full of Life Advice

This past summer, photographer Imran Nuri spent three months living out of the trunk of his car. He traveled to 48 states and asked over 1000 people if he could take their portraits, but more importantly, if they could impart upon him some sort of life advice. 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/imranshrimp

Web: https://www.imrannuri.com/

IG: @nuristudios

We were able to sit down with him for a chat, just after he finished developing his rolls. Here are a few of his portraits:




Vania on the Road!

Vania got a couple of rolls developed on the road! And here are a few shots:




Eric’s Day at the Fair!

Eric went to the Evergreen State Fair and shot black & white for some reason:



Mary Winslow Or Maybe Not

Since none of Mary Winslows photos exist now (or maybe ever), we don’t have anything to share. But here’s the original newspaper article about her…


Zine Review!

Monochrome Mania #8 by Mark O’Brien!



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