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On this episode, we’ll be talking to Alan Marx (@alanbeingalan on IG)! He’s got a new book out and we’re going to find out just what the hell it is. It’s also movie night! Sort of. We’ll be watching a couple of MASH episodes and we promise it’ll all make sense. The Film Detectives will also be dropping by to share some of their sluethy antics. There’s the answer machine, some zine reviews, and a little bit more. You’ll see! 

Alan Marx

Alan is an LA-based film photographer and painter who’s been working for thirty years. He’s recently released a book, Palindrome 91-19 documenting his work across three decades. We talk to him about what it took to rediscover his older work and how that work has affected what he’s doing now.


IG: @alanbeingalan

Here are some shots from Palindrome 91-19:


Movie Night: MASH

Sometimes we just need a night off to watch something that’s basically photography-adjacent. Tonight that is two episodes of MASH: Snap Judgement and Snappier Judgement from Season 10.

In that episode, Hawkeye recessives the first ever Polaroid Land Camera from a grateful patient. Everyone’s excited and confused! Soon, however, the camera is stolen and Klinger is blamed!

At the time of this recording, MASH is available to watch on Hulu.



Zine Review

We reviewed My Eye #6 by David Fry (@frymanbandgb on IG)


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