On this episode we’re talking to photographer, podcaster, and YouTuber Jess Hobbs! We’ll also break out the lab jackets and talk about the science behind film and development. Not only that, we’ll welcome The Film Detectives  – they’re together again for the first time! We’ve also got some great answering machine responses, and a really special zine review, plus so much more… 

Jess Hobbs!

The videos produced by Jess Hobbs stand apart from your typical “dude behind a desk” YouTube videos. Hers are cinematic, they tell a story, they’re a quiet meditation. Her photography is simple and elegant with a quiet thoughtfulness to it. And today we’re talking to her!

Here are some of her photos:

IG: @jesshobbsphoto

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/JessHobbs

Classic Camera Revival Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/classiccamerarevival/

Dora Goodman Blog: https://doragoodman.com/blog/

Emulsive articles: https://emulsive.org/author/jess-hobbs


This episode Eric reviewed Vania’s zine!

Get it here: https://vaniazask.com/zines


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