On this episode we’re fluttering back to the 1860s to tell you all about Julia Margaret Cameron and her weird and ethereal photos . We’ll be talking to photographer and model Sarah Jean Achor (@sarahjeanachor on Insta). We’ve also got zine reviews and the answering machine. 


Sarah Jean Achor


On this episode, we’ll be giving a call to Sarah Jean Achor (@sarahjeanachor on Insta), a film and instant photographer from Columbus, Ohio. The photos she’s taken, as well as the photos taken of her play off each other in ghostly and dramatic ways.


Here are a few of her photos:





Julia Margaret Cameron


Julia Margaret Camerion is remembered for her theatrical and soft focus portraits depicting emotions, allegories, and biblical myths. Her photographs, taken in the 1860s and 70s, were staged more like paintings done by Rembrant and Raphael. Her work was loved by the artists and poets, but ridiculed by most other photographers. Over the course of a dozen years, Mrs. Cameron produced more than 900 finished photographs. 


Mrs. Cameron’s work was not only influenced by the Victorian era, steeped in legend and stories. But it was also a rebellion against the social norms and expectations put upon her.


Here are some of the photos we talked about during the episode:



We referenced Dorthea Lange's Migrant Mother photo looking very similar to Mrs. Cameron's Madonna Pensarosa.



PDF of the Complete Works of Julia Margaret Cameron:


Zine Reviews



We essentially reviewed three zines this episode:


Twin Lens Challenge - https://www.danielnovakphoto.com/zines


The Bulldozed Future - https://longdistancerunner.org/


Initial Frames - https://www.mynameismwd.org/






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