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On this episode of Dev Party, both Eric and Vania develop some very expired Panatomic X! What is Panatomic X? This legendary emulsion of old was once the most beloved black & white film of professional photographers of decades past.

Vania’s Panatomic X expired in November of 1982, while Eric’s went “bad” a few months earlier in June of 1982 (the same month Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like a Wolf” was released).

While developing, Eric regales us with a short and quick history of Kodak Panatomic emulsion, starting in 1933, and going up to 1987 (or 1989)!

Both developed in HC-110 (technically LegacyPro L110, but same thing).

Vania devved in HC-110, dilution B for 6mins. And here are a few of her shots:

Eric also devved in HC-110, dilution H for 9mins. Here are some of his:




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