Oh have we got a chaotic treat for you! We’re making black & white slides using regular black & white negative film! How? Why? We’ll tell you!


Vania used Foma’s reversal kit, which you can pick up here for a pretty penny: https://www.freestylephoto.biz/70150-Foma-Black-and-White-Reversal-Processing-Kit-for-Fomapan-R100

And she got such images as these:

Meanwhile, Eric attempted a method touted on blogs and YouTube, which uses HC-110, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. His results were not as lovely as Vania’s:

In both cases, the “negatives” were positives, but Eric is still trying to figure out what went wrong.




Vania: IGFlickrZines
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kits

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