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Welcome to another episode of Dev Party! Along with developing some film, we’ve got our first entry in the embarrassing (photography-related) stories request. This was submitted by a listener who thought a milk dress would be a good idea. Hint: It was.

Also, Vania thinks her face is “presidential,” but not in a good way. Eric muses about bad photos vs. bad photo days and realizes he might not be as pessimistic as he thought (which changes absolutely nothing).

Photographically speaking, Vania developed Fomapan 200 with FA-1027; 1+19; 10.5mins. Here are her shots that she took with her Graflex Super D:


Meanwhile, Eric shot Fomapan 100 on a hike with the Chamonix. He devved with FA-1027; 1+14; 9mins. And here are his:



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